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Green Shower Head With Water Saving Function
TIME : 2010-01-09

Do you wish there was a greener way to take a shower? Everyone has heard of the new low flow showerheads which simply use a flow regulating device to provide a metered flow but have you heard of a showerhead which literally tells you when the water is hot enough for you to shower? Well that’s exactly what the “Evolve” range of eco showerheads does, the smart technology within the showerhead senses the water temperature and then limits the flow to a trickle once the optimum temp is reached until you get into the shower.

The showerhead automatically lowers the water flow down to a trickle once the water reaches the perfect bathing temperature!

Green Shower Technology


The showerhead that we chose was a simple 1.5 gpm rated flow with a full body spray nozzle, we found it at our local CostCo store and it cost about $35.00 which is very reasonable for a showerhead. Evolve have calculated that the water saving technology would save the average American household up to 8,212 gallons of water per year, that’s a significant eco saving and it means you could be saving around $246 per year as well.

Installation was simple, I removed the old showerhead with a strap wrench, replaced the plumbers tape with the white plumbers tape contained in the package and then hand tightened the new Eco showerhead into place.

Switching on the shower I noticed that although the flow is limited to 1.5 gpm the showerhead still produced a great water pressure and it did not feel like a lower flow than before at all. The showerhead even contains easy clean non-clogging shower nozzles which can be quickly kept clean by rubbing your hand over the showerhead with the water running.


We installed the showerhead in our guest bathroom but we are strongly considering switching our rain showerhead in the master bathroom to an Evolve green shower as well.

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